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Over 15 Years experience

Built to Last

All our PC's are designed with top quality Components for years of reliability


PC's we build are completed with the utmost of care and attention to detail

Easy Customize

We can build you a PC that suits your needs and fits into any environments


We are always available to call for service and advice at any time

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Our Services

The services we offer are fairly broad, we offer Custom PC builds, Refurbished laptops, Website hosting as well as providing broadband services, 

Bespoke Network Design

Web Design

Gaming PC Building

Business Services


Custom PC

About Us

Why you need StalTech?

We have been around thru quite a lot of technology changes in the last 15 – 20 years, seeing computer power change over the last 15 years exponentially and the explosion of new ways of using computers, from having mostly desktop computers to now using mobile phones that have the same computing power as desktop PC’s and saw the wave of how the internet has become integrated into modern life and because of this we can offer a wide range of services and support for all your needs


The process of how we can help


We will discuss all your requirements for your project, from initial idea to finishing and getting everything running

Build and Testing

At this stage we will be using our years of extensive knowledge to make sure that your project can and will work with minimum of fuss

Deliver Result

Our final result of our helping process is to deliver your project to you, making sure that everything is to the design and specification required



You have to know before
start everything

The answer to this is yes we do, the best way to know more about how we could build something thats right for you is to give us a call on 07541245442 and discuss your requirements

as we own and operate an Internet Service Provider, for all aspects of our broadband service visit www.stalmine.net

Yes, to get absolutely latest pricing give us a call as parts prices can vary from day to day

We can do most laptop repairs, excluding soldering power sockets or reworking solder joints on boards, for these jobs we have some contacts we work closely with and work with them to repair those types of jobs, also simaler with mobile phones, call us for more information on these jobs 


Get a free counsultation right now

If your needing help or just some extra information than whats available on our website give the number below a call and we will be happy to help

07541 245 442